Backflips against bullyingWellbeing at Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood is underpinned by the belief that every student has a right to come from a safe and loving home to a safe and loving school.

Focusing on the use of positive education practices, the Wellbeing Team facilitates and directs pastoral programs which create and sustain an environment where every member of the Pagewood community is treated with respect and allowed to flourish as a unique individual created in the likeness of a loving God.

This year our students have been engaged in a variety of programs centred around respect for themselves and others. Recently a performance group from Action Education called “Backflips Against Bullying” put on an exciting one hour show.

Using both parkour and acrobatics, one of the fastest growing trends in students of all ages, “Backflips Against Bullying” performers engaged our boys using a medium which was both entertaining and well known to the majority of them.

Addressing bullying on a social level, and from all perspectives, the performers reminded the boys of areas they had already covered in pastoral programs over their time at the College, their responsibilities to inform when bullying occurs, along with their responsibility to make it stop.

There were lots of amazing acrobatic and parkour feats on display, lots of challenging questions posed, and lots of powerful responses given from our boys.

The performers made special mention of how impressive and polite all of our boys were, stating that they were amongst the best audiences they had presented to.

Well done, Pagewood!